The Academic Board

Academic Board

Left to right: Cheryl Nesbitt, Kirsty Willis, Andy Cordier, Ken Thompson

The International Culinary Studio Academic Board provides academic leadership, acts with integrity and professionalism, upholds the highest ethical and academic standards, promotes diversity in the interests of fairness and of good governance, and is committed to transparency, accountability and responsible stewardship of the Companies reputation!.

The Team

Cheryl Nesbitt

Cheryl Nesbitt, Director of Studies

Cheryl is our Director of Studies at International Culinary Studio. Her life story is the stuff of legends and not only is she a Culinary Guru in her own right, she is an award-winning Business Woman and our dynamic leader at ICS. With an exciting background in Hospitality, Catering and Business Education, Cheryl is a one woman multiple success story that will inspire you.

Andy Cordier

Andy Cordier, Group Executive Chef

Andy is our Group Executive Chef at International Culinary Studio.

His phenomenal journey as an Executive Chef, Master Chef Judge, Personal International Diplomat Chef, Caterer to Nelson Mandela and even a role running a massive Casino Culinary operation – all from humble beginnings as a 15 year old waiter in a family restaurant, are the stuff dreams are made of and are a testament to the endless possibilities available to qualified Culinary professionals.


Tracy Kruger, Design and Digital Marketing Manager

Tracy is our Design and Digital Marketing Manager at International Culinary Studio. A self-confessed analytics junkie with a fascinating background in e-commerce, marketing, retail, copywriting and she might have even been your hairdresser!


Joanna Pohio, Student Administrator

Joanna is our Student Administrator at the International Culinary Studio. An HR guru, Mom and first port of call at our ICS office. She has a passion for helping students work towards fulfilling their dreams in the Culinary world.


Samantha Hartmann, Passionate Foodie & Chef ( Customer Relations Manager)

Since my childhood I have loved cooking or anything related, my passion has grown over the years into a lifestyle. I have been lucky to work at many top establishments and elite events all over the world from South Africa, Ireland, USA and New Zealand.


Ken Thompson, Chef Instructor

Ken has been a chef for the past 43 years.  He brings a wealth of experience that our students will most certainly benefit from.

A few highlights of Ken’s career:

  • Worked in a Michelin Star Restaurant in London, UK.
  • Has worked as a chef globally across Europe, The Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.
  • A Level 6 Competition Judge…