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International Culinary Studio

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International Culinary Studio makes Culinary Education available to everyone and enables people the opportunity to become qualified in the Culinary Arts and Patisserie Field as well as have access to Culinary Education by studying at home and or in your current place of employment (cooks and chefs).

We offer Professional Chef Qualifications, based on the City & Guilds (UK Vocational) Qualifications. These qualifications are well recognised with chefs around the world.

International Culinary Studio offers Self-Enrichment Short Courses.

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Key Benefits of Studying with International Culinary Studio:

  • International Qualification
  • You can enrol today and start studying straight away!
  • Your own space
  • Your own pace
  • Modern approach to education
  • Affordable
  • Menu based studying – all food prepared from the practical components can form part of your home menu, and thus can be enjoyed by yourself, family and friends – Limited waste of food.
  • You can work while you study – earn while you learn!
  • Low Student to Chef Instructor ratio


  • “Chef Andy is the best Chef ever.  I would travel around the world and inspect a million great Chef’s cooking , but none more would be better than Chef Andy.”  Hamish, Year 5, Marshland School

  • “I enjoyed the time Chef Andy spent with the class. He taught us lots, like the dress code, what the pleats in the hat meant and the opportunity to cook and create. Overall Chef Andy is a lovely person to have in the class.” Scarlett, Year 6, Marshland School

  • “Chef Andy is a great inspiration for kids. I was very impressed with all of his cooking achievements. I am grateful for all the effort he put in just to teach about safety and the importance of leaning how to cook.” Mia Year 6, Marshland School

  • “Our learning hub had Chef Andy in to teach the Year 5-6 students.  It was great, Andy taught them about the importance of cleanliness and tidiness in the kitchen and a few other great skills.  It was great to have a talented chef in with the students.  They did learn a lot”  – Blair, Team Leader Year 5-6, Marshland School