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International Culinary Studio

Looking to start a career as a Chef?

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Looking to advance your career in Culinary or Patisserie?

Enrol with International Culinary Studio today and secure your Dream Career!

International Culinary Studio makes Culinary Education available to everyone and enables people the opportunity to become qualified in the Culinary Arts and Patisserie Field as well as have access to Culinary Education by studying at home and or in your current place of employment (cooks and chefs).

We offer Professional Chef Qualifications, based on the City & Guilds (UK Vocational) Qualifications. These qualifications are well recognised with chefs around the world.

International Culinary Studio offers Self-Enrichment Short Courses.

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Key Benefits of Studying with International Culinary Studio:

  • International Qualification
  • You can enrol today and start studying straight away!
  • Your own space
  • Your own pace
  • Modern approach to education
  • Affordable
  • Menu based studying – all food prepared from the practical components can form part of your home menu, and thus can be enjoyed by yourself, family and friends – Limited waste of food.
  • You can work while you study – earn while you learn!
  • Low Student to Chef Instructor ratio


  • “I have used International Culinary Studio to improve the skills of myself and my staff.  I have always found their courses of great value and very user friendly.  Having the advantage of completing the courses in your own time is a huge advantage over traditional learning methods.  The support that is given through both the tutors and their website is excellent!  I will definitely use their courses in future to up skill my staff!” – Mark McCracken @ComberCuisine

    Mark McCracken
  • “So far this course has been good! The registration process was easy. The learning material is very useful. What I like about the assessments is that there is feedback from the Instructor in which my errors and areas for improvement are pointed out to me. Everything has been quite good.”

    Yvan Darang
  • “I chose the International Culinary Studio because it has an
    amazing course that I felt passionately about doing and it offered the best
    study plan with how it works in with my schedule of work. So far I’ve found
    the course very interesting and enjoyable, it’s been a great learning curve
    and I am getting a whole lot out of it! The best part about the course so
    far has been how interactive it’s been and how the assignment recipes can
    be altered to fit different serving sizes!! The most difficult thing
    has probably been getting my head around the workflow part of the practical
    assignments and making them detailed enough. Also having an amazing
    Instructor Chef (Zelda) who has been massively helpful in all areas and is
    always able to answer any questions that I have.”

    Kelsey Wellington
  • “Our learning hub had Chef Andy in to teach the Year 5-6 students.  It was great, Andy taught them about the importance of cleanliness and tidiness in the kitchen and a few other great skills.  It was great to have a talented chef in with the students.  They did learn a lot”  – Blair, Team Leader Year 5-6, Marshland School