Kids / Teen Holiday Cooking Course

This course has been designed to give you an introduction to the culinary world and help make your career decision easier in the future.  It would also be a fun short course and is designed to be done during the school holidays!  The course will give you some fundamental important kitchen principles, such as safety and hygiene, cover the kitchen equipment you will become familiar with, as well as introduce you to a glossary of French kitchen terminology.

On completion of the course you will have learnt some technical skills as well as had the opportunity to create a menu and cook a Mystery Basket Meal!

Impress your family and friends with your new skills and be confident enough to enter the culinary world in the future!


This self-paced programme is designed to be completed in 20 hours.  A maximum of 2 weeks is allowed for this course.

Online Studies

The studies you will complete from your own home, via our Learner Management System.  Our Key Benefits will ensure you stay motivated whilst studying with International Culinary Studio.  Once registered, your Student Experience will be accessible and your learning material available on any pc, portable or mobile smart device (see technology requirements).  Our Chef Instructors will be available and will guide you through your programme to successful course completion.

*Please ensure you have the correct kitchen equipment.

On completion of this Kids/Teen Holiday Cooking course, you could progress into any of our other short courses.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Food Safety and Hygiene
  • Correct Dress for the Kitchen
  • Recognising Kitchen Equipment
  • Learn Knife Handling and Vegetable Cuts
  • Introduction to a Glossary of French kitchen terminology
  • Tour of a Virtual Kitchen and learn the equipment, hygiene and Chefs tips
  • Learn how to plan a Production Work Flow (what to cook first and last)
  • How to write a shopping list for your recipe
  • How to work out how much your recipe costs
  • Learn to make a range of continental and tea time sandwiches
  • Learn to make a Classic Nationality Soup with Parmesan Wafers
  • Design and cook a Main Course and Dessert from your Mystery Basket Ingredients List
  • Learn to bake a Vanilla Sponge cake
  • Decorate your cake using Icing and Piping Techniques

Outcome Options

International Culinary Studio: Certificate of Achievement

Once you have successfully completed this programme you will be awarded with an International Culinary Studio Certificate of Achievement and a Digital Badge.


The investment includes:

  • Personal online login to our Learner Management System
  • Study Guide
  • All study material and access to demonstration videos
  • Support and Mentoring from our Qualified Chef Instructor
  • Interactive webinars and discussion boards with fellow students and Chef Instructors
  • Mystery Basket Final Submission for marking
  • Online e-Portfolio
  • Certificate of Achievement

Minimum Enrolment Requirements

  • Must be 8 years or older
  • Parent / Caregiver must be available for supervision
  • If English is not your first language, you will be required to read and submit your evidence in English.

Other Additional Costs

You need to prepare for the following additional costs.

  • Ingredients used for practicing all recipes at home.
  • Cost of your internet access.
  • Any printing you choose to do from the Study Guides.