International Culinary Studio is a proud initiative of culinary professionals and educators who have realised the potential for people currently working in the industry who are required, or want to up skill themselves to get qualified with an internationally accredited Chef Qualification, and also for people who cannot access the current face-to-face teaching environment.

Large numbers of people do not live close enough to a city where they can access traditional methods of training, thus making the cost of moving into a city to be able to study too expensive.

We have also found that once you enter the hospitality industry, it is difficult to then take time out to gain the next level of education and thus one gets stuck having the same level of qualification for life.

We have designed a system that gives you access to blended learning on different levels, so you can get the desired qualifications and reach your dreams!

Whether you are an inspired kitchen enthusiast, already in the hospitality industry, or already certified as a Chef, with International Culinary Studio you can progress to the next level right from where you are!

Being a chef is a life- long learning experience, being able to study with other like- minded individuals and having someone studying alongside you from another country, in another country, is a fascinating new concept and opens doors to the culinary world, truly being a global village.

Being that our head office is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, a city that has, and still is undergoing an amazing transformation, since the 2011 earthquakes, we have been exposed to brilliant new systems, methods and technology, which makes the idea of teaching and learning a lot of fun!

The founders of International Culinary Studio have all been involved in the hospitality industry; have extensive chef experience, as well as education and training experience over 30 years each. They all have international experience, are well travelled, and have an extensive international network of hospitality people and chefs from around the world.

In our on-site training kitchen where we will be live streaming, and running webinars from, we have the latest and the most modern and funky training environment ever seen in a chef college. We believe the most successful chefs in the world are the ones willing to try new things, and to incorporate technology with their creativity, to be the best in their field.

Our online platform is fun, exciting and user friendly. Our Instructor Chef’s will be available to assist you in every step of the way, and they will make sure you graduate with real skills that will help you to succeed in today’s competitive workplace.

International Culinary Studio looks forward in welcoming you to the future of learning online!

We bring the classroom to your kitchen!